Northshore Amateur Sports Academy and Night Diamonds Seeks to Celebrate the Rich History of Gary


The Northshore Amateur Sports Academy, INC (NASA) and Nights Diamonds, Inc have partnered together to do their part to celebrate the rich history of Gary, IN, a city with a connection to industrialization, early 20th century immigration, and the Civil Rights Movement. The collaboration, led by Wallace Johnson (President of NASA & Retired MLB player), Garthell Elkins, Wayne Fowler (President of Night Diamonds, INC & author), and Tyrone Hamilton, seeks to bring awareness to the great things accomplished by individuals born and/or raised in Gary, Indiana by placing a sign at the intersection of 2300 Madison Street in Gary, IN. The sign, which is enroute the Jackson Family childhood home, lists the names of notable Garyites.
For more information on this collaboration, please contact Northshore Amateur Sports Academy, INC at 219-980-0070 or visit

Wayne Fowler (left) and Wallace Johnson (Right) stand next to a sign, located at 2300 Madison Street, which lists names of notable Garyites.